Solar Concise Wall Light

This white ABS 4smd solar wall light come with rechargeable battery in equipment and be charged by exposuring to sunlight in daytime, environmental and energy-saving. Light automatically on at night or in darkness . Power recharged by sunlight and stored in a long-lasting battery with a capacity...
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Easy Installation


These Solar Lights Outdoor are wireless. As external wires are eliminated, the risk of accidents are minimized and easy to install/reinstall




The Wall Solar Light make of high quality ABS material - weatherproof and durable make these solar lights fixtures works well and safe in different kinds of weathers.


 Solar Powered


 When switched ON, these lights will charge by day and then automatically turn ON at dusk. The charging cycle will automatically happen daily until batteries die out or product is manually switched to OFF.

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When there is plenty of sunshine,the solar panel on the top will absorb sunlight and save it in the battery.After the sky is dim,the battery will light up the light automatically.


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Step1:Turn on the switch

Step2:Drill two holes of 5mm diameter into wall. These 2 holes is 50mm horizontal distance. Then put the provided plastic stopple plug into the holes and screw in the bolts so far into the wall.The bolt head sticks out about 5~8mm.

Step3:Hang-up the solar light onto these bolts and make sure it is sit stably.



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