Wall Mounted Solar Light

This wall mounted solar light,Automatic Light Sensor activates with AUTO/OFF Switch, Material: ABS, Light Color: White; waterproof and durable, withstand all kinds of weather all round the year, which is suitable for outdoor use.
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Waterproof & Weather-Resistant

These Wall Mounted Solar Lights are engineered to withstand all weather conditions. Made of tough ABS plastic material for longevity and durability, you never have to worry about exposing the light to the rain, heat or snow. 


No Technical Experience Required

This is the easiest LED lamp to use and install on the market. No wire, cable, or electrical experience required. The Solar Path Lights automatically turn ON in darkness and turn off at dawn! 

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Makes Pathway Safer

These wall lights install directly on the wall, illuminating the walkway at night for added safety and ambiance.


the panle on the top of the light will absorb sunlight at day time and the battery will light up the light at night automatically.


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Step1:rotate the lamp cover from the light and turn on the switch.

Step2:rotate the lamp cover to the lamp head and insert the lamp head into the pole

Step3:Drill two holes of 5mm diameter into wall.

Step4:Fix the lamp with screws on the wall.



Step1:rotate the lamp cover from the light

Step2:take off the battery cover

Step3:replace the old battery



Q: How many lumens ?

A: They are 10 lumen .


Q: How wide are they across the top ?

A: Almost  15.5cm.


Q: Dose the package of 6 come with or without the AA rechargeable batteries?

A: It come with it.


Q: Can i use a battery larger than 600 mAh ?

A: No,it noly can use 200 mAh battery.


Q: Why they have a battery if they are solar lights?

A: The battery is charged through the day by the sun so that it can power the lights in the dark.


Q: Why do i need to manually turn the lights off then back on ? Should’t they turn on automatically every night at dusk?

A:You must turn them on the first time that you use them. Instructions say they won’t charge if you don’t.

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