Solar Outdoor Wall Lights/wall Mounted Solar Lights

No wires, no electricity, no cost! Simple to install, easy to use. Daytime charging, night lighting.
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solar sconces

Where can I install it?
I work in this way, is it very simple?

Dawn or bright area automatically turns off

Automatically open in the evening or in the dark


product information

solar panel Monocrystal
battery2*AA NI-MH 600mAh rechargeable battery
Lighting source4*white LED
Product size13*8*5cm

Installation method

solar powered up and down wall lights

We are prepared for any weather.

best solar wall lights

Why chosseing us

1.Partial certificate display (ISO 9001, BASIC, APPROVED)





2.About solar lighting partners

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3.Respond to inquiries within 2 hours, design in 1 to 3 days, mail samples in 1 to 5 days.
16 years'experience in solar lighting industry
Distance sales to customers in more than 100 countries, including the top three supermarkets in the United States.
Professional R&D, Production, Quality and Sales Team
About our company

The plant covers an area of 6400 square meters, with a daily output of 50,000.

Cixi Landsign Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.                            Injection Molding Workshop

Corner of injection workshop 1Mould WorkshopCorner of injection workshop

Pipeline 1  Pipeline 2  Pipeline 3  Pipeline 4

  About our quality control and process flow      

1.Quality inspection process


2.Technological process

Parts InspectionInjection moldingPad printing
Solar panelsspot weldingSealing glue
turn of the screwInspection of finished productsPacking


3.Packaging and transportation

   Packaging and transportation


Q:How long is the shelf life?

A:1 year.

Q:Can this light be warm white?



A:Yes, waterproof rating IP65.

Q:Why do I need to turn off the lights manually and then turn them on again?

A:You must open it the first time you apply them. If you don't open it, they won't show charging.

Q:Can I go directly to the sample list online?

A:of course can! But for transportation costs, it is best to ask us first. Because no courier company can mail these internal batteries, not to mention their higher costs. We have our own way to send these products at a cheaper price.

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