Solar Gutter Light

This solar gutter light is intelligently identify daytime or night. Automatically lights up at dusk and turns off at dawn Intelligent charging protection. Solar powered, easy to install and easy to maintain with detachable solar panel and LED Lamp body to the supporting cover.
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Easy to installation


These Solar Gutter Light are wireless. As external wires are eliminated, the risk of accidents are minimized and easy to install/reinstall.


Weather Resistant


The Wall Solar Light make of high quality ABS material - weatherproof and durable make these solar lights fixtures works well and safe in different kinds of weathers. And fully recharges the battery in 6 hours,it can keep lighting for 8 hours


Widely Use


It is charged by sunlight. You can use it as step lights, outdoor gate for security, yard lights for your elder parents, garage for safety and easy parking.








Step1:Pull out the plastic film left outside from the battery compartment cover and turn on the switch.

Step2:Put back the battery compartment onto the light case.

Step3:Drill two holes of 5mm diameter into wall. These 2 holes is 50mm horizontal distance. Then put the provided plastic stopple plug into the holes and screw in the bolts so far into the wall.The bolt head sticks out about 5~8mm.

Step4:Hang-up the solar light onto these bolts and make sure it is sit stably.



Step1:Take off  the battery compartment.

Step2:Take off the battery cover

Step3:Replace the old battery



Q: Are these warm white?

A: They are warm white.

Q: Can they work normally in winter?

A: They are solar powered so they will not be as effective in the winter. Only about 3-4 hours of light.

Q: Size of the batteries? rechargeable aa or aaa would be great.

A:They come with 1*1.2V AA  Ni-MH 100mAh battery.

Q: Are they a solid steady light or do they flicker like a candle?

A: They are a solid steady light .

Q: How wide are these?

A:Their size is 8*5*12cm. 

Q: Can these be installed on top of a pillar?

A: It has to attach to a vertical surface as shown in the picture. The solar element needs to be on top. Also the slanted part is open

Q: In the heading it said yellow led solar light. Then down below is said white led. What's the real color?

A: More yellow than white for sure.


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