Waterproof Solar Sensor Wall Light

This waterproof solar sensor wall light, This light works automatically without electricity as the solar panel absorbs the sun rays and generates power for the light. Its brightness greatly depends on the dimension of solar panel, while our larger solar panel enables it offer battery sufficient...
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Solar powered


Waterproof Solar Sensor Wall Light powered by solar, are charged in full and direct sunlight for 6-8 hours, the lights automatically turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn.

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Easy to install


NO WIRES, comes with mounting kit for walls, simply screw the wall lights into any wall, post or pole with mounting kit.



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solar panel on the top of light will absorb sunlight during daytime and light up the light at night automatically


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Step1:Drill two holes of 5mm diameter into wall. These 2 holes is 50mm horizontal distance. Then put the provided plastic stopple plug into the holes and screw in the bolts so far into the wall.The bolt head sticks out about 5~8mm.

Step2:Fix the lamp to the wall with nails



Step1:rotate the lamp cover from lamp head

Step2:take off battery cover

Step3:replace the old battery



Q: Will these fit on a 4x4 post?

A: Yes it does

Q: Are these metal or plastic?

A: These are plastic and they’re tiny.

Q: Will these lights work in that cold?

A: They do need plenty of sun.

Q: Are you able to mount these upside down? Where the light is facing down instead of up?

A: You can hang it either way. It would be difficult to charge in the sun because the solar cells are in the top. It also doesn't really direct light up or down. The lantern scatters the light out the sides so it wouldn't make much difference.

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