Solar Sensor Wall Light

This stainless steel solar sensor wall light is more durable than the plastic ones, not easy to aging.
Waterproof, windproof, dustproof. Wireless setting up and operation.
Quickly install by pushing the Solar Outdoor Pathway Lights into the ground.

Product Details

The more information detail

Item No.


Solar panel

Mono-crystalline silicon/ 5.5V0.33W


1pc*3.7V/500mAh/ Li- ion

Lighting source

1pc 0.4W high bright white color LED + 1pc 0.07W White Color/warm white color LED

Color Temperature

White color 6000-6500K/Warm white color2800-3000K

Durable time

up to 6-8 hours with fully charged

Product size

17*7 .6*5 CM

Inner box

18*8.5*6.5 CM(1pcs)


38*46.5*35.5 CM(50pcs)






3000 color box





  • Easy Installation

    Stainless Steel Solar Sensor Wall Light need not wire. Install the solar powered wall lights with screws provided and charge them fully under directly sunlight for 7-9 hours.

  • Waterproof

    Stainless Steel Solar Sensor Wall Light have passed the CE certification. And our Solar sensor light are made of high-impact plastic which can withstand snow, rain and other extreme weather condition.

  • Sensor

    When motion is detected it provides max-brightness illumination for security and safety protection for your property all night.


How solar light works

solar panel on the top of light will absorb sunlight during the day,at night the battery will light up the light automatically.


How to install the light

Step1:Turn on the switch

Step2:Drill two holes of 5mm diameter into wall. These 2 holes is 50mm horizontal distance. Then put the provided plastic stopple plug into the holes and screw in the bolts so far into the wall.The bolt head sticks out about 5~8mm.

Step3:Hang-up the solar light onto these bolts and make sure it is sit stably.


How to replace the battery

Step1:Unscrew the light

Step2:Replace the battery

Step3:Screw the light



Q: Dose this light waterproof?

A: YES! The light is IP44


Q:Can i use a battery eliminator and not use the solar and turn on/off as desired?

A: There is a rechargeable battery. The light powered by sunlight.


Q: Motion detector up to 5 meters. can i adjust that lower? will i need to replace the batteries?

A: I have had no battery issues, in the future will they need to be replaced? Can't honestly say but for now mine works great. As for adjusting, I angle it. I haven't found any switches to do otherwise.


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