Solar Motion Activated Security Light

solar motion activated security light, Turn on at night when motion sensor detected , and automatically off after motion stops. sensing range of 10 feet with a 120 degree sensing angle. Quickly install by pushing the Solar Outdoor Pathway Lights into the ground. These solar power accent lights...
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Wide Sensing & Lighting Range

Installed with sensitive motion sensor, this light can detect motion up to 3-5 meter away within angle of 120 degree. It also has a wide lighting range of 270°, offering large coverage of luminosity to provide security for your home, aisle or porch.


3 Lighting Modes

Our Solar Lights bring 3 working modes to cope with different usage scenarios. Perfect for using on front door, back yard, garage, driveway, deck patio and so on, meeting your different needs.


Durable & Waterproof

Made of high quality ABS material, this solar light is IP65 waterproof so it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Works all year around throughout winter time and functions perfectly in rainy weather.



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The solar panel on the top of light will absorb sunlight during the day and save it in the battery. At night the battery will light up the light automatically.



Step1:Turn on the switch

Step2:Drill two holes of 5mm diameter into wall. These 2 holes is 50mm horizontal distance. Then put the provided plastic stopple plug into the holes and screw in the bolts so far into the wall.The bolt head sticks out about 5~8mm.

Step3:Hang-up the solar light onto these bolts and make sure it is sit stably.



Step1:Turn off the switch

Step2:unscrew the battery cover

Step3:replace the old battery



Q: How many lumens ?

A: They are 300 lumen .


Q: How is the warranty ?

A: One year for whole light.


Q: Dose the package come with or without the AA rechargeable batteries?

A: They come with batteries.


Q: Can i use a battery larger than 2200 mAh ?

A: It is better to use the same capacity. If too large, it can not be charged. If too small, it can not last long.


Q: Why they have a battery if they are solar lights?

A: The battery is charged through the day by the sun so that it can power the lights in the dark.


Q: Why do i need to manually turn the lights off then back on ? Should’t they turn on automatically every night at dusk?

A:You must turn them on the first time that you use them. Instructions say they won’t charge if you don’t.

Q: Why it only work 3-4 hours in cloudy days?

A: Because the battery is not fully charged in bad weather times, as the same for Winter. But, only if there is plenty of sunlight, it will work longer at night!



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