Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light

This solar light comes with larger solar panel and 34 super bright SMD2835 LED lights.
It features 3 side lighting angle and 3 lighting modes,
perfect for illuminating your patio, deck, pathway, stairway, driveway, garden, fence, etc.

Product Details

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Item No.

XLTD-P5038 4packs

Unit price


Solar panel

Polycrystal 5.5V 0.55W


1*2200mAh, 18650 Lithium battery 3.7V

Lighting source

34*white SMD 5W

Durable time

up to 8-10 hours with fully charged




TouchPad technology,Operating mode:OFF/①/②/③


PIR montion sensor,120 degree wide angle detection,detection range 8-10m


  1. PIR sensr+light control :at ninght,when motion, lighting, when no motion, no lighting

  2. PIR sensor+dimmable+light control:at night, when motion, all lighting, when no motion, micro lighting

  3. Light control:at night, all lighting, at day,no lighting

  4. OFF

Product size

L15.84×W10.52×H4.8cm 0.245kgs

Inner box

16.5*20.7*11CM (4pcs)


42.5*34*46.5CM (64pcs)






1000 color box







  • 3 Working Modes

  • Motion Sensor Mode

    The light is in standby mode at night without motion detected. When the motion is activated, it will be bright. Then 15-30 seconds later, the light turn off automatically.

  • Dim Light Sensor Mode

    When in dark night, it will stay dim light and turn to bright when there is motion detected and last 15-30 seconds

  • Dim Light Mode

    The solar wall light will automatically turn on din light at night and continuously on untill dawn


How solar light works

During the day the solar light will automatically switch off to save energy

At night it will turn on when motion sensor detected so you can find your way

Tips :

1、For optimum performance, it is best to install the solar panel in full sunlight and let it charge for 10-12hours.

2、It is best to keep your solar light away from shady areas as lack of sunlight will diminish the amount of lighting time.

3、Keep debris and snow off the solar panel to allow battery to recharge.

4、If the solar panel has been covered for a long time, it is best to replace battery and / or to recharge in full direct sunlight for at least 10-12hours, so it can maintain maximum capacity.

5、Keep the solar light away from any fires or dangerous stuffs!


How to install the light

Play two holes in the wall and twist the light with screw


1、The solar light needs to be placed where it can get direct sunlight regularly.

2、Please fully charge before use, which will take 6-8 hours in good sunshine.

3、The working time of this light is weather sensitive. On cloudy days or in winter, the charging time may be longer and the working time may be shorter, which is quite normal and should not be considered problem.


How to replace the battery

1、Unscrew the battery box

2、Replace with new same type battery

3、Screw back the battery cover



Q:Can we get some samples? Any charges?

A:Yes, free existing labels, you need to pay shipping cost.

Q: How can we get a quote?

A:Contact us with specification: such as material, design, size, shape, color, quantity, surface finishing, etc.

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