Solar Address Plate Light

solar address plate light, The stainless steel provides complete protection from dust, oil, other non-corrosive material. The sleek roof-liked protect it form being damaged by water. ✅Personal It comes with 3 sets of numbers (0-9) and one set of letters ( a - h ),which enables you to DIY the...
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Professional amorphous silicon light sensor solar panel


The silicon solar panel yields high sunlight conversion efficiency and still performs under shade. As it is light sensory,it automatically charges the battery during the day and light up during the evening.


Stainless steel structure


Made of high quality stainless steel,this solar-lighted house plaque has resistance to rust and corrode on moist and salty environment. This sturdy material allows it to hold up to a variety of weather,such as foggy days,snowy days,rain days,etc.


Wide application


With this solar-powered address light, there is no missing and mistaking your house any more. It not only helps you get the food and parcel delivered to your home,but also plays a important role in locating your house for emergency assistance.



                7K1A6400   7K1A6465

The solar panel on the top of light will absorb sunlight during the day and save it in battery. At night the battery will light up the light at night automatically.



Step1:Stick the digital sticker on the light

Step2:Drill two holes of 5mm diameter into wall.

Step3:Hang-up the solar light onto these bolts and make sure it is sit stably.




Step1:Unscrew the bottom screw and open the base

Step2:Open the battery cover

Step3:Replace with two new same type batteries

Step4:Cover back the battery cover

Step5:Screw on the two screws



Q:Are the light bulb or batteries replacable?

A: It includes two environmentally friendly NI-MH batteries which could be replaced.


Q:How many numbers will it hold?

A: Four is easy enough, but five might be too crammed.


Q:How do i get my numbers on it?

A: Just peel off  the numbers stamp and stick it to the surface of the address sign.



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