Solar Dock Road Marker Light

They have been specifically designed with road safety in mind
and can help to prevent serious accidents and emit rather than reflect light.

Product Details

The more information detail

Item No.



Monocrystal 2V 100MA


1*NI-MH 700mAh Rechargeable battery

Lighting source

6 white led

Durable time

up to 72 hours with fully charged

Product size


Inner box











Aluminum +PC



  • SOLAR POWER - Using the power of the sun is beneficial to the earth. Solar energy is an unlimited, free resource available daily. Utilizing a poly-crystalline solar panel, this road stud can quickly recharge it's batteries throughout the day for use at night while eliminating the need to reguarly purchase new batteries.

  • LED's - Lighting is one of the most essential items in the modern world. Dwindling resources have put solar lighting front and center in the energy industry. LED bulbs use a fraction of the power as incandescent bulbs and are a fraction of the size. This light features 6 LED lights to provide a super bright light.

  • EASE OF USE - Safety and convenience have fused into one with this road stud. Safe enough to handle any road, this light can be quickly installed and should never need to be touched again. Quickly change between an on, off, or strobe setting with the flip of a switch. The included rechargeable battery won't need to be replaced and powers the 6 LED bulbs !


How solar light works

It automatically recharges during the day and glows when night falls or bad weather begins.


How to install the light

  • Drilled hole in the ground

  • Screw down the screws to secure lights to the ground



When the first time use, it has to be charged in sufficient sunlight for 12 hours,which will make the product more durable.


How to replace the battery

  • For optimum performance ,it is best to install the solar panel in full sunlight and let it charge for 10-12 hours

  • It is best to keep solar lights away from shady areas as lack of sunlight will diminish the amount of charged battery power capacity. This will also cut the amount of time the solar lights stay on



Q: do they automatically come on at night?

A: yes


Q: Are these waterproof? We are looking to use them on our docks at a marina.

A: Yes they are water proof. We have them on top of the posts going down our dock. It also keeps the seagulls off ( yeah). We have had them now for about a year or so


Q: Can you make them flash?

A: No, you can't. These solar deck lights provide steady on light.


Q: Can these lights be turned off?

A: No.


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