Solar Bug Zapper

Solar Bug Zapper

Our new solar bug light zapper features an improved wave band that is even more attractive to outdoor flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths, and flies. It immediately kills them to promote peace & quiet and safeguard your family. solar bug light zapper is fully solar powered, greatly...
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This solar powered mosquito light uses solar panel , Solar panel trap energy from the sun and then provide brightness and kill mosquito,there are 2 mode option for this 2 in 1 lighting and bug zapper, switch to choose the mode you prefer, (brightness only and kill mosquito only), effective and eco-friendly. Ideal for your lawn,camping,garden,BBQ ,outdoor activities etc.



You don’t have to operate it manually, it will auto-off in daytime, and turn-on automatically at night, with this technology, free yourself from manually operate it, convenient for your daily use.



This mosquito killer lamp also functions as a beautiful garden light, with the gorgeous white lighting , decorate your patio with the elegant lantern. Made with durable ABS plastic and cutting-edge engineering to make it weatherproof. still works reliably when it’s raining or snowing. 




    The solar panel absorbs sunlight during the day and convert the light energy into electrical energy and store them in the built-in rechargeable battery of the lamp. This lamp is equipped with ultra-high brightness LED and has automatic light-sensitive function, which automatically initiate the phototaxis light and high voltage electrode grid to kill mosquitoes based on the light intensity.

    The wavelengths produced by the violet light have strong allure(phototaxis,pests lubricious sex,tropism)to temperature produced by discharging, phototaxis hormesis produced by ultraviolet radiation to lure the pests to fly to the light source and then kill the pests via high-voltage electrode grid.



Step1:Get all the contents already

Step2:Insert the 2 poles into the light

Step3:Insert the stake into the pole



Warn:please switch off the light before you replace the battery

Step1:unscrew the lampshade a little hard

Step2:Take off the lampshade gently

Step3:Switch off the light carefully! Do not touch the high voltage net!

Step4:Open the battery cover and take out the old battery

Step5:Put new battery with the same type!

Step6:Screw the lampshade



Q:how many leds?

A:3SMD. 1 in white color for garden lighting, 2 in purple color for mosquito killer lighting.

Q:how is the warranty?

A:one year for whole light.

Q:dose the package come with or without the rechargeable batteries?

A:they come with 2*NI-MH 1000mAh AA battery each.

Q:what is the voltage between 2 grids when mosquito killer lighting mode

A:it is around 800-1000v

Q:can this be used for garden lights?

A:sure! you just need switch it on "light" position.

Q:can it also kill other insects?

A:yes! but only for those can fly into the grids!as you know it use the high voltage between grids to kill insects!


Q:is it waterproof?

A:yes! IP44 for outdoor use!

Q:why do i need to manually turn the lights off then back on? should't they turn on automatically every night at dusk?

A:you must turn them on the first time taht you use them. instructions say they won;t charge if you won't.

Q:why it only work 3-4 hours in cloudy days?

A:because the battery is not fully charged in bad weather times, as the same for winter. but ,only if there is plenty of sunlight, it will work longer at night!

Q:can i place sample order directly online?

A:sure!but for express/shipping cost ,it is better to inquire us firstly. no official express company can send with battery inside. and their cost is more expensive. we have our own way to send these goods with cheaper price! 

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