Solar Copper Wire Light Of 100 Bulbs

High cost performance ratio
Good light control
Outdoor waterproof
Strong security
Dual mode selection
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Product Details

  • Product introductionSolar Copper Wire Light-9 (9)


    Solar copper wire lights light up your colors.

  • LED light source
    Creative DIY
    Heighten the atmosphee
    Durable and durable
    Choose more
    Energy saving and environmental protection

    Luminous color
    More colors
☆Solar copper wire lamp☆

  Solar LED light string is a decorative lamp composed of several LED lights powered by solar energy.

  The luminaire uses high-efficiency solar panels that convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in a built-in battery for LED lighting.

  Unique light control technology ensures that the lamps are automatically charged during the day and automatically lit at night.

Solar Copper Wire Light-9 (6)

Applicable scene

Outdoor waterproofNo electricity billLight control

Light control, light emitting.                                                                          Why choose us?

The lights go out during the day, and it automatically lights up.                Master the core technology   

light control

The company has passed BSCI, ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification.
We work with Aldi, Costco, Lowe's, Walmart, Amazon, etc.
We reply to the mail in 2 hours, complete the design in 1 to 3 days, and send samples in 1 to 5 days.

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Zero electricity bill energy saving and environmental protectionComposite switchDual mode switchingWaterproof and durable

Waterproof and durable

Solar Copper Wire Light-9 (7)

 Product parameters

Solar panels2V/100MA
Charging time4-6 hours
batteryNiMH batteries(1.2v/1000MAH)
ABS engineering plastics
Lighting time8-10 hours
Lighting range1-3 square meters
String lengthIncludes lead length 2MScope of applicationPlease hang carefully, don't pull hard, dismantle carefully.

Installation steps

Solar Copper Wire Light-9 (2)

Product Size Display

                                                                                                                  Outdoor waterproof and lightning protection

                                                                                                                   Installation of solar panels upward

Size Display                                                 Waterproof

Light beads can be customized.

                                                                                             If you need color customization, please contact us!   


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