Mini design Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Light

Want to have lights in your flower bed? Live on a very dark block?
  This solar pathway lights just gives them an extra dressy look that you expected.
And do a nice job of adding some subtle light to your driveway and path to your door.

Product Details

The more information detail

Item No.


Solar panel

Amorphous 3*3CM 2V 40MA


1x1.2V AAA NI-MH 100mAh Rechargeable Battery

Lighting source

1*ft5mm white LED

Durable time

up to 10 hours with fully charged

Product size

5.5*5.5*37.5cm 0.075kgs

Color box

23*11.2*25cm (16packs) 1.3kgs










Stainless steel construction



  • Save your money:

    No wires, solar power.The solar panel on top of the bulb can charge the battery during the day with sunlight.At night, they turn on automatically and stay bright all night.

  • Quick and Simple Installation:

    You just turn on the bottom of the light and turn the switch on.Then, just insert the sun's rays into the unshaded ground.

  • Decent quality:

    These lights are made of stainless steel material, explosion-proof and no overheating. Their working time can last 8 hours after full charge.


How solar light works

Charge the solar panel by placing it face direct sunlight at daytime, the electrical energy is stored in the storage battery. More direct sunlight, charge more electrical energy.


How to install the light 

Step1:Turn on ON/OFF button on the cap.  
Step2:Twist the plastic cover on.  
Step3:Install the stainless steel pipe.  
Step4:Connect the spike with pipe.  
Step5:Insert the lamp into the soil of your garden.



  1. Make sure the solar panels are bathed in plenty of sunlight for about eight hours.However, it also depends on location, weather conditions and seasonal light.

  2. First, open the switch under the cover, then pull out the bottom bolt, install it, and insert the light into the soft soil.If the soil in your garden is strong.We suggest that you make a hole in the ground before putting in the nail.

  3. Once you turn it on, the solar path lights will automatically turn on at night and off at dawn!


How to replace the battery

  • At the first time,it is best to install the solar panel in full sunlight and let it charge for 10-12 hours.

  • If the solar panel has been covered by snow for a long time, it is best to replace batteries and/or allow the battery to recharge in full, direct sunlight for at least 10-20 hours so it can maintain maximum capacity.

  • Keep debris and snow off the solar panel to allow the battery to recharge.



Q:How many lumens ?

A:They are 3 lumens.

Q:How is the warranty ?

A:One year for whole light.

Q:Dose the package come with or without the AA rechargeable batteries ?

A:They come with AA Ni-MH batteries.

Q:Can i use a battery larger than 300 mAh ?

A:It is better to use the same capacity. If too large, it can not be charged. If too small, it can not last long.

Q:How many packs from one Package ?

A:Normally, it is 4 packs. But we can also make 6/8/12 packs as well. If more, the package will be too heavy.

Q:Can this light be with warm white ?

A:Sure !

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