Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

Outdoor garden lights could be easy to decorate and add a delightfull glow to your driveway, patio, or flower beds.Superior quality solar panels collect light quickly and efficiently to ensure wonderful solar light performance.
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Makes Pathways Safer

Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor stake directly into the ground, illuminating the walkway at night for added safety and ambiance.


Solar-Powered Design                       

A large solar panel on the top of this path uses the power of the sun to light up the light throughout the night.

  • Automatically provides dusk-to-dawn illumination

  • Simple installation, just stake into the ground wherever the sun shines

  • Rechargeable battery included

  • Crystalline solar panel

  • Low carbon footprint; powered by sun, not electricity



During the day the solar panels absorb the sunlight which produces enough power to charge the battery. The battery stores that energy until it gets dark outside

When the photoresistor detects little or no light it activates the battery and the light switches on. The battery

size determines how long the light can stay on.




Step1:Push the switch before use.

Step2:Rotate the lampshade to fix on the top cap.

Step3:Insert the pole into acrylic shade.

Step4:Insert the ground stake into the pole.

Step5:Insert the solar light into the soil.



Step1:Rotate the shade to removed from the top cap.

Step2:Remove the battery cover from the top cap.

Step3:Remove the battery.

Step4:Install a new battery.

Step5:Cover the battery cover.

Step6:Rotate the acrylic shade to fix on the top cap.




Q:Should I need to turn the lights off /on everyday??

A:No, you don't need to do anything, they will illuminate automatically as darkness descends and glow for approximately eight hours or so, depending on their position to direct sunlight. 


Q:how long do these solar lights take to charge and how many hours can they work?

A:I put them along my garden pathway, where can get direct sunshine, they work very well all night! Very bright and well made! 


Q:are these solar outdoor lights waterproof?

A:Yes, they are!


Q:what type is the battery?nicad or nmh,is it a aa size what is the mah/voltage?

A:1*1.2V AA 400mAh NI-MH battery

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