Solar Mosaic Pathway Light

Solar Mosaic path light, no wiring required.Remove the spacer, turn on the switch, as shown in the picture, assemble the components together, and insert them directly into the soil to complete the installation.Suitable for family emergency use and outdoor use, such as hiking, camping, fishing, beach tent, etc.
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Easy to Install:

No pesky wires or adapters required.Go through the spike and install it on the lamp. Choose a soft place and push the spike into the ground to ensure the place has sunshine.



Upgraded Design:

The body part is made of high quality stainless steel, which not only makes the product exquisite and elegant, but also makes it more waterproof and durable than similar solar lamps. It is resistant to bad weather and suitable for outdoor use.





Mosaic Solar Lights:

The LED is white, but has three colorful Mosaic shades (blue, purple, and orange).Lampshade has beautiful change color function, can create a beautiful change color design.Turn your garden/backyard on/off at night and off during the day



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The solar panel absorb sunlight and translate it to electric energy during the day and light up the light at night automatically.


For best results,this product should be installed on the place where the sunlight shines directly on.

Please confirm the switch is under "on" status and the lights is fully charge before its first time using.



Step1:turn on the switch

Step2:replace the cap

Step3:connect the pole

Step4:insert the spike into the pole


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Step1:unscrew the lamp head

Step2:replace the old battery

Step3:cover the battery cover

Item No.XLTD-P1707 
Solar panelPolycrystal
Battery1*600mah AA battery  1.2V
Lighting source1*brighter white LED
Durable timeup to 6-8 hours with fully charged
Product sizeφ7.5xH39cm
inner box27x10x18cm/3PCS/0.68kg
Approval CE,ROHS


Q:Is the solar garden lights waterproof?

A:Yes it is!

Q: How long are these solar garden lights expected to last ?

A: They can last about 8 hours after fully charging. Automatically turn on when it is dark and charged by sunlight.


Q: Do these solar lights require a battery?

A: These garden lights are solar powered. The sun recharges the installed batteries.


Q: Was it difficult to change the battery?

A: It is easy to change the battery,but you need a screw.


Q: Do these lights change colors, or does each light have only one color?

A: they do not change color, the color comes from the Mosaic glass look

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