Solar Garden Diamond Path Light

Solar garden diamond path light create fantastic and romantic atmosphere, more than that, they have a good illumination effect that is really comfortable and fascinating.Perfect for garden, lawn, villa, tables, balcony, flower bed and outdoor decoration at party or daily life.
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      Save money & Protect environment

    No wiring needed, no battery required. powered by sunlight,and most importantly, have no pollution to the environment as you wish.



 Decent quality& Unique look

 Solar Garden Diamond Path Light is waterproof and no overheating. With high transparent material, the lamp makes your yard so remarkable.


   Easy Installation

   Only need three steps. Screwing off the top to turn ON the lights.Finally, attach to the stake and insert it into ground.








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The solar panel absorb sunlight and light up the light at night automatically


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Step1:turn on the switch

Step2:attach the solar cap on the top of  the lamp

Step3:insert the solar lamp into the hole

Step4:insert the spike into the hole



Step1:unscrew the circuit box

Step2:replace the old battery

Step3:screw the circuit box





Q: does it have own battery or i should buy battery by myself?

A: comes with a battery


Q: will these work after being covered by snow all winter

A: they should.


Q: Is the light color white or the blue colored white.

A:It’s white


Q: Can you hang them on a tree?

A: I don’t think you can.


Q: if they are solar powered why do they need batteries?

A: The solar panel absorb the sunlight and save the energy in the battery, at night battery release the electric energy to light up the light.


Q: Is the battery replaceable?

A: Yes and it is a standard size AAA rechargeable battery.














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