Solar Powered Stainless Steel Outdoor LED Pathway Light

Premium stainless steel design & super-bright! Super-Bright 10 Lumen clear light shines forth from each LED light in this SIX (6) pack. Position them on your path for the ultimate in beauty and safety! No-hassle installation!Simple, easy installation out of the box! There's NO HASSLE because there are NO WIRES! Runs completely on solar power. Turns on at dark, off at dawn.
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Auto On and Off

Solar Powered Stainless Steel Outdoor LED Pathway Light automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn after 8 or more hours.Just push the stakes into the ground, then the rechargeable batteries will be charged up in sunlight and admire their beauty at night.



No Ugly Wires

Solar Powered Stainless Steel Outdoor LED Pathway Light runs on solar power . There are no wires to trip over and nothing to short out and cause a hazard. Simply enjoy them.




These all-weather 10-lumen solar garden lights are rain, snow, frost and sleet-resistant. They come with a 100% Lifetime Replacement so you can buy with confidence.



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  •   During the day the solar panels absorb the sunlight which produces enough power to charge the battery. The battery stores that energy until it gets dark outside

  •   When the photoresistor detects little or no light it activates the battery and the light switches on. The battery size determines how long the light can stay on 




  image→   image → image  → image  →image  →  image  →  image


     1、Rotate the acrylic shade to fix on the top cap.

     2、Verify that the battery tag has been removed so that the battery can make contact with the contact points.

     3、Push the switch before use.

     4、Peel off the protective cover on the solar panel.

     5、Insert the pole into acrylic shade.

     6、Insert the ground stake into the pole.

     7、Insert the solar light into the soil.




  image  → image →  image  → image  → image

   1、rotate the shade to removed from the top cap.

   2、Remove the battery cover from the top cap.

   3、Remove the battery.

   4、Install a new battery.

   5、Cover the battery cover.

   6、Rotate the acrylic shade to fix on the top cap.



●Please remove the battery cover before pulling out the battery tag. Otherwise the battery might get dislodged from the contact points.

●Install solar lighting in early morning to ensure maximum charge.

●Pick a suitable location with direct sunlight, avoid placing lights under trees or under roof coverings.

●When installing your solar light, consider using a screw driver to “Drill” a pilot hole in hard ground. This will help prevent the ground stakes from breaking.

●Please install your solar light with your both hands, place one at the base of the pole and one at the top of the pole.




Q: How many lumens ?

A: They are 10 lumen .


Q: How wide are they across the top ?

A: Almost 12cm.


Q: Dose the package of 6 come with or without the AA rechargeable batteries?

A: It come with it.


Q: Why they have a battery if they are solar lights?

A: The battery is charged through the day by the sun so that it can power the lights in the dark.


Q: Why do i need to manually turn the lights off then back on ? Should’t they turn on automatically every night at dusk?

A:You must turn them on the first time that you use them. Instructions say they won’t charge if you don’t


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