Coach Type Solar Path Light

solar pathway light helps to save your money on electricity costs. No wiring needed, no battery required. Use energy from sun. Environmentally conscious lighting choice! And the classic style makes your garden modern.
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   Coach Type Solar Path Light  provide safety and security along walkways and driveways.  Classic light on stake design with plastic lens provides a nice light effect on the ground.Add a charming, decorate your pathways, garden, porch or yard.


Solar powered

Powered by solar energy, soalr panel absorbs direct and full sunlight during the day to charges the battery, the lights can last for 8 hours or more at night.



Suitable for outdoor use, no worries about raining, snowing, frosting. Made tough and sealed tigh


Easy Installation

Before charging, remove the insulation trip on the light cover, insert the lights into ground under the sunlight without shade.





  • During the day the solar panels absorb the sunlight which produces enough power to charge the battery. The battery stores that energy until it gets dark outside

  • When the photoresistor detects little or no light it activates the battery and the light switches on. The battery size determines how long the light can stay on





  1. Push the switch before use.

  2. Rotate the acrylic shade to fix on the top cap.

  3. Insert the pole into acrylic shade.

  4. Insert the ground stake into the pole.

  5. Insert the solar light into the soil.


1. Twist open the cap to turn it ON before use.
2. Make sure the solar panel baths in sufficient sunlight for 6 hours. 
3. The solar light usually illuminates for up to 6 hours with a full charge. However, it also depends on the geographical location, weather conditions and seasonal light availability.
4. If the soil in your garden is quite solid, we recommended that you should make a hole on the ground before inserting the spike.



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  1. Remove the battery cover from the top cap.

  2. Remove the battery.

  3. Install a new battery.

  4. Cover the battery cover.

  5. Rotate the acrylic shade to fix on the top cap.



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