Brighter Solar Bollard Path Light

This kind of solar pathway outdoor lights use unique shape design. Make your lawn, garden, yard or patio looks noble and elegant.Runs completely on solar power, no wires or electricity required.Wireless setting up and operation.
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 The Solar Outdoor LED Light gives off a soft solar light while providing delightful accent lighting making it a wonderful addition to any yard or landscaping. The solar light soaks up the suns energy during the day and turns on at dusk. You don’t worry about how to arrange the wire,just push the light into the ground.Easy and convenient!

· Brings life to your lawn

· Poles are stainless steel

· Lights up all night

· Minimum of 8-hours sunlight per day for optimal performance at night

· Designed for use in all climates

· No wiring or external electricity required


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  • During the day the solar panels absorb the sunlight which produces enough power to charge the battery. The battery stores that energy until it gets dark outside

  • When the photoresistor detects little or no light it activates the battery and the light switches on. The battery size determines how long the light can stay on 


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     1、Push the switch

     2、insert the solar panel into the pole

     3、Insert the ground stake into the pole.

     4、Insert the solar light into the soil.


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1、Remove the battery cover from the circuit box.

2、Remove the battery.

3、Install a new battery.

4、Cover the battery cover.



Q: It looks like it may be possible to screw the bases into a deck? Is that true?

A:It is not possible to screw the bases into the deck. The bottom cover houses the plastic stakes that go into the ground.


Q: I see in the description that this includes the rechargeable battery. Can this be used without sunlight?

A: Need sunlight to be recharged. The battery save the electric energy and light up the light at night.


Q: Is there a spike of some sort on the bottom to hold them in the ground or are they just flat and just sit on the ground?

A: Yes, each light has a large rigid plastic spike that goes into the soil. The spike is housed in each individual unit. You would need to remove the bottom plastic cap to expose it.  

Q: How many hours of sunlight is necessary to recharge these?

A: We recommend 8 hours of sunlight for all night operation.

Q: Do I need to buy batteries by myself? Can the solar yard lights be used without a battery?

A: Please kindly note solar lights can not work without a battery. And each solar bollard path light contains a rechargeable NI-MH AA battery already. It can work normal for a year.  

Q: What is the light shaft made of?

A: The light shaft made of plastic, and the tube and solar cap made of stainless steel.

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