6SMD Solar Pillar Head Path Light

6SMD Solar Pillar Head Path Light

This 6SMD solar pillar head path light with a color temperature of 3000-3500k and 6X bright (8 lumens), this Solar Path Lights is bright enough to light up your path, enhancing both visibility and safety. Dimpled lens makes the light project in all directions and creates a diamond pattern on the...
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 Energy saving

 The solar light powered by sunlight. The solar panel will absorb sunlight at daytime and save it. At night the battery will light up the light to bright.


Easy to Install:

No annoying wires or adapters needed. Cross the spike and fit it onto the light,choose a soft place to push the spike into ground, make sure the place has sunshine.


High quality

Solar stainless steel path light make up by high quality stainless steel and glass.Don’t worry about breakage and the light will work well.

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              6 (57)        6 (22)

Solar panel on the top of light will absorb sunlight during the day and save it in the battery. At night, the battery will light up the light automatically.




Step1:Turn on the switch

Step2:Insert the pole into lamp head



Step1:Turn off the switch

Step2:Unscrew the battery cover

Step3:Replace the old battery



Q:Are the light waterproof?

A:Yes, they are.


Q:What’s kind battery in the light? Can i replace the battery?

A:The battery is a 1* 18650 3.7V 1000mAh battery. You can replace the battery and it’s very easy.  

Q:How dose the light works?

A:The light send out purple light. The purple light can help plant growth.


Q:What’s warranty of the light?

A:1 year



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