Solar Sunflower Resin Light

solar sunflower resin light is easy to install and no need wires.The material is resin, just look like real sunflower,the light can decorate your garden more beautiful.
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solar sunflower resin light



Intelligent lighting

Powered by a solar panel, automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn, up to 8 hours of light in darkness when fully charged.



No more boring garden decor

This beautiful sunflower solar resin light add vibrant color to you, being sure to be the centerpiece of your garden this year, and a joy for your friends to find hiding in your Annuals and Perennials.



Wonderful decorative gift

Perfect size for many locations.It is the wonderful gift for resin statue lovers.





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Step1:Keep solar panel clean

Step2:Press the switch

Step3:Put the light where you want to put it.



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Step1:unscrew the back cover of the battery case

Step2:Take out the old battery and put the same type new one in

Step3:Close the back cover


1、It will always be in the OFF position when you receive your order, you will need to press the switch before installation.

2、Make sure that the solar panel is facing the sun during installation.

3、The solar light illuminates for up to 8 hours with full charged.(Depend on the intensity of sunlight,location,weather conditions and season shifts)

4、Store the light in a cool and dry place if not been used for a long time.



Q: How many LEDs?

A: 1 white LED.


Q: How is the warranty ?

A: One year for whole light.


Q: What's the battery they used ?

A: They come with 1*AA 200mAh NI-CD battery each.


Q: Does the light easy to install ?

A: Sure!Put it anywhere as long as it's direct to the sun.


Q: Can this light used in Winter ?

A: Yes, but as you know, for all solar lights, their best season is Summer when there is plenty of Sunlight. In winter, it CAN WORK, but the time would be reduced.


Q: Will it break if dropped ?

A: Probably not if dropped in the grass but if it hits cement it probably will.


Q: Is it waterproof ?

A: Yes!


Q: Why do I need to manually turn the lights off then back on? Shouldn’t they turn on automatically every night at dusk?

A: You must turn them on the first time that you use them. Instructions say they won’t charge if you don’t.


Q: Why it only work 4-5 hours in cloudy days?

A: Because the battery is not fully charged in bad weather times, as the same for Winter. But, only if there is plenty of sunlight, it will work longer at night!


Q: Can I place sample order directly online?

A: Sure! But for express/shipping cost, it is better to inquire us firstly. No official express company can send with battery inside. And their cost is more expensive. We have our own way to send these goods with cheaper price!









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