Solar Garden Flower Stick Light

solar garden flower stick light, superior Monocrystal Silicon solar panel matches 600mAh rechargeable battery, realizing 6-8 hours lighting time after 8 hours sunlight charging. 10 Lumens white LED light, make your path/garden bright and beautiful. No electricity needed.
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Solar Powered

A renewable and clean energy - powered by electricity, converted from solar power during the day and stored in a rechargeable  Battery .Runs up to 8 hours with a full charge of sun light.




Fast and easy to install .No wiring required and provide a calming color light show anywhere throughout the night . Available in a wide variety of design: garden, lawn, patio, yard, etc.


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Step1:turn on the switch

Step2:insert the lamp head into the hole

Step3:insert the spike into the hole

Step4:insert the light into soil



Step1:unscrew the circuit box

Step2:replace the old battery

Step3:screw the circuit box



Q: These are obviously rainproof. What about winter/ freezing?

A: The cold doesn't seem to bother them, but you should take them in for the winter if you are in an area that gets a lot of snow.

Q: What kind of batteries do they use?

A: it says they come with AA rechargeable batteries more spacificly a  600 mAH AA rechargeable battery, but it comes with batteries

Q: Once the lights are outside, do I turn the off and on switch to on?

A: you only need to turn on the switch and the light will work automatically. The light will charge the battery at the day and light up the light at night.

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