Garden Solar Acrylic Bubble Lights

Quality stainless Steel and frosted acrylic material prevent these solar path lights from rust in long-term outdoor environment. Fashion design make a wonderful addition to your garden and this tube light is easy to install,the only thing you have to do is pushing it into soil.
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      Garden Solar Acrylic Bubble Lights design makes it obviously attractive and shining with bubbles in the sticks. Wider solar panel and larger battery capacity ensures quicker and better charging during the day, brighter and longer illumination at night!These solar tube lights automatically turn on at dusk and turns off  at dawn. 


  • Poles are stainless steel

  • The lampshade is acrylic bubble

  • Larger battery

  • Solar charging

  • More environmentally friendly

  • Two choice:acrylic bubble or acrylic matte



   During the day the solar panels absorb the sunlight which produces enough power to charge the battery. The battery stores that energy until it gets dark outside

   When the photoresistor detects little or no light it activates the battery and the light switches on. 



1、Push the switch before use.

2、insert the light into the soil




        1、Remove the battery cover from the circuit box with a screwdriver.

        2、Remove the battery.

        3、Install a new battery.

        4、Cover the battery cover with your screwdriver.



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