An Outdoor Waterproof Solar Path Pole Lamp

An Outdoor Waterproof Solar Path Pole Lamp

This is an outdoor waterproof solar path pole lamp. No wires, no electricity, simple installation, easy to use.
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Product Details

Product characteristics
lithium batteryMonocrystalline Silicon Solar PanelsOptically Controlled Automatic Induction
1000mAh lithium batteryMonocrystalline Silicon Solar PanelsOptically Controlled Automatic Induction
Outdoor waterproof functionRound appearanceSix LED patch beads
Outdoor waterproof functionClassical circular appearanceSix LED patch beads

Waterproof Scene

Our lamps and lanterns are waterproof, 

and when they are used outdoors, 

they do not need to worry about rainy weather.

In the daytime when the sun shines, the lamp does not turn on. In the evening or in the dark, the lighting mode is automatically activated.Lightcontrol Scene
Product Feature Display

Characteristic Display 2

product parameters
Solar panelsMonocrystalline Silicon Solar Charging Panel
Battery1000mAh lithium battery
Texture of materialHigh quality stainless steel
control modePhotosensitive control
LED lamp holderHigh-brightness patch LED beads
Lighting colorWhite and Red Light
Product weight198g
Product Details Show
Battery panelsHigher efficiency solar panel 5v130mA, charging efficiency can reach 19%.

stake light

BatteryBuilt-in 18650 1000 mAh lithium battery
led6 patch LEDs in a circle, each 4 lumens
Stainless Steel tubeSteady stainless steel pipe
tubeStainless steel pipes are integrated with sharp bottom edges and are easy to insert into the ground.

Integral brightness 24 lumens

5V 130mA Full-charge Lighting for 8-12 hours

It absorbs sunlight during the day and stores energy for charging. At night, it blooms with all its heart.

Six high-brightness patch LED beadsLed beads
lithium battery 11000mAh lithium battery of 18650 model

Waterproof Grade of IP65

Used in any weather

Waterproof grade


Cixi Landsign Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.
Integral sphere testertestCooperative partner
Assembly lineInjection Molding Workshop 1Injection Molding Workshop

Q:How long does this solar lamp charge?

A:It takes at least 8 hours to charge.

Q:How many lumens?

A:24 lumens (It's 12 times brighter than the general path lights on the market.)

Q:How long will it last?

A:Summer 8 hours, winter 4 hours.

Q:Is it cold white or pure white?

A:Cold White

Q:What batteries are used?

A:Equipped with a 3.7V 1000mAh 18650x reclaimable lithium battery.

Q:How about waterproof performance?

A:Waterproof IP65, durable. This lamp can be used to withstand all kinds of weather throughout the year.

Q:Why do you need to turn off the light manually and turn it on again?Can't they be opened automatically every night?

A:You have to open them as soon as you use them again. If you want to save them to the next season, please remember to turn them off.

Q:Why can it only light for 3-4 hours on cloudy days?

A:Because batteries can't be charged when the weather is bad, so can the batteries in winter. Only when there is enough sunshine can it work longer at night.

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