Solar Hanging Lantern Light

solar hangig lantern light, Illuminates at night by softly changing from one color to colorful light. It adds style and ambiance to any lawn, garden, patio, or backyard. Globe light with 7 color-changing. perfect for garden decor or yard decorations, Trees, Flowers, Flowerbed, Fence, Walkway,...
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Auto Induction Switch

Solar hanging lanterns is different from others, all lanterns are equipped with light sensor switch. Solar panel charge your lanterns during the day to automatically power on at dusk


Waterproof Surface

Lanterns surface are made of high quality nylon cloth, which can bear different weather. Increased service life. Wireless design keeping you away from the annoying and complex wires.


 No wiring or additional power supply

 No installation, directly linked to the place where the sun shines during the day and automatically charging



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The solar panel absorb the sunlight and save it then light up the light at night automatically.



Step1:Turn on the switch

Step2:Insert the pole into the hole

Step3:Put the convex part into the eyelet



Q: How do you use the flimsy wire that comes with them?

A: It pushes the lantern open and keeps it that way. Just put the wire into holes where light is.


Q: Could I hang these inside? I would put them in my classroom, which gets a lot of natural light from a wall of windows, but no direct light.

A: possibly. I have mine hanging under a grove of trees and enough light filters in for a wonderful glow at night.


Q: Do you have to turn them on and off?

A: no...once they are charged they stay on when its light outside and go out when its dark!


Q:Dose this light waterproof?

A:Yes,it is. You can put it anywhere you want after fully charged


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