Solar Wall Lamp Working Principle

- Feb 08, 2018-

During the day the sun in the solar cell components (pv), solar cells produce direct current (dc) by the controller was carried out on the rechargeable battery charging, the evening after the sun goes down "controller circuit detects" insufficient light (dark) automatically turn on the light illumination, the morning automatically turn off the lights.

The characteristics of

1. Use the solar panel to match the special microcomputer intelligent controller, and convert the light energy into electric energy, without the need to dig the trench and pull the cable, and the installation is convenient, and the acceptance can be environmentally friendly.

2. Microcomputer intelligent controller adopts advanced integrated circuit manufacturing, high conversion efficiency, have prevent overcharge, discharge, automatically adjust the charging current, the polarity reverse and output short circuit protection function, greatly extend the service life of batteries, safe and reliable, easy to use.

3. Efficient maintenance of storage battery, strong storage and durable.

4. Time controller for automatic tracking, as each season of different illumination turn on light automatically adjust time time, and USES the energy saving, intelligent control was automatically shut down at the street lamp, prolonged illumination.