How Does China's Solar Energy Increase Tariffs On The United States

- Apr 04, 2018-


The Trump administration used the "201 clause" to levy 30% tariffs on the cheap solar panels imported. China is the main supplier of solar panels. They say that emerging market opportunities will continue to increase, and US tariffs will not hurt much.

According to Nikkei news 1, China's JinkoSolar is the leading supplier of solar panels in the world, and 20% of its products are exported to the US. Qian Jing, a vice president of Jingke energy (Qian Jing), said that the United States is just one of the many markets of the company. Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa all have solar power generation demand. Jingke will increase 30% to 13 million 500 thousand KW this year, so as to meet the needs of emerging markets. Although they are disappointed with Trump's decision, there are still many business opportunities outside the US. Earnings should not be affected.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) report also said that in 2015, the total power generation of solar energy in the world was 225 million KW, of which 70% came from Japan, Europe and the United States. However, in 2040, Japan and Europe and the United States will reduce the proportion of solar power to 20%, which will add 1 billion 500 million KW of solar energy in the world, mostly from China, India, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Trina Solar (Trina Solar), another Chinese factory, accounted for second of the global market, focusing on China's domestic market and working with HUAWEI to install solar panels on telecommunications equipment to supply the power to the community. Trina Solar believes that such a system has more potential in emerging markets than single sales of solar panels. The solar panel Canadian Solar CEO Shawn (Zhai Xiaohua Qu) also said that Trump's tariff expelled from the low price solar panels will only hurt the US.