Solar Copper Wire String Light

- Aug 24, 2020-

Energy saving and environmental protection, long life, colorful, exquisite shape, diverse, light and soft, daytime invisible effect is good, power supply is safe and reliable, can be a variety of lighting modes. Choose monochrome changes, fast and slow flash changes, colorful colors, color gradients, etc., indoor and outdoor are available.

LED copper string is a new technology products, mainly used for Christmas and other holidays indoor and outdoor decorative LED copper string is very energy-efficient, brighter than the traditional LED Christmas string, lighter, 360 degrees light, LED copper string has many different shapes, such as: heart type, stars, gemstones, roses, Christmas tree, rice grain type, petal type. LED copper string because of the use of pure copper wire, very soft, can easily make different shapes to decorate Christmas trees, chairs, flowers and other objects.