On China's Solar Light Market And Trend In 2018

- Apr 02, 2018-

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On China's Solar Light Market and Trend in 2018

Solar lamp is an application product of photoelectric conversion technology. It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, no need for wiring, easy installation, automatic control, and the ability to change the location of plug and play as needed. The main types of solar lighting include solar garden lights, solar street lights, solar lawn lights, solar landscape lights, and solar signal lights.

China Industrial Research Network released the 2017 China Solar Lamp Industry Development Research and Development Trend Analysis Report that the rising of international conventional energy prices, the tight domestic energy supply, the slump in power cuts in many cities, and energy alternatives have risen to national energy sources. The height of strategic security. As an infinite renewable energy source, solar energy has gradually become a general substitute for urban production and conventional energy sources. As one of the most important ways of using solar energy, solar lighting has also been increasingly concerned by the energy industry and the lighting industry.

China's solar lighting technology has matured, and the reliability of solar lighting has been greatly improved. The solar energy lighting products of the advanced companies in the industry have reached or even surpassed the national lighting standards. In cities where energy is scarce, power cuts are limited, and remote areas where power is difficult to use, it is highly scalable. China has successfully promoted the model for reference. The conditions for large-scale promotion of solar lighting fixtures in China have matured. The majority of domestic solar lighting manufacturers are concentrated in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Shenzhen.

In recent years, the country has introduced a series of favorable policies to support the development of renewable energy, including the "Renewable Energy Promotion Law" and the "Renewable Energy Medium and Long Term Development Plan." A series of measures and related subsidy policies issued by the state regarding solar photovoltaic building applications provide certain subsidies for qualified solar photovoltaic building application demonstration projects. This is a good news for solar photovoltaic applications.