Main Causes Of Turf Lamp Failure

- Jul 22, 2019-

1.Poor construction quality

Faults caused by construction quality account for a large proportion.The main manifestations are as follows: first, the depth of cable trench is insufficient, and the sand cover brick is not constructed according to the standard; second, the production and installation of corridor pipes do not meet the requirements, and the two ends are not made into cough bells according to the standard; third, when laying cables, they are dragged on the ground; fourth, the embedded pipes of the foundation are not constructed according to the standard requirements, mainly because the embedded pipes are too thin. In addition to certain bending, it is very difficult to cross the cable, and "dead bending" occurs at the bottom of the foundation. Fifth, the thickness of wire nose pressing and insulation wrapping is not enough, and after a long period of operation, it will be short-circuited.
2.Material is not up to standard

In recent years, according to the malfunction situation handled by the situation, the low quality of materials also has a great factor. The main performance is that the conductor contains less aluminium, the conductor is relatively hard, and the insulating layer is thin. This is more common.
3.The quality of supporting projects is not very good.

Lawn lamp cables are usually laid on green belts. Pedestrian construction quality is poor, the ground sinks, so that the cable force deformation, leading to cable armor.
4.Unreasonable design

On the one hand, it is overloaded operation. With the continuous development of urban construction, the lawn lamp also extends continuously. When new lawn lamp is built, it is often close to which lawn lamp, which circuit it receives. In addition, the advertising industry develops rapidly, and the advertising load is correspondingly connected to the lawn lamp, which makes the lawn lamp overloaded, the cable overheated, the wire nose overheated, the insulation reduced, and the output of the lawn lamp. Grounding short circuit and so on.On the other hand, the design of lamp pole only considers the light pole's own situation, ignoring the space of cable head. After the cable head is wrapped, most of the doors can not be closed. Sometimes the length of cable is not enough, and the fabrication of joints does not meet the requirements. This is also the cause of failure.