DIY Solar Light 1️⃣

- Dec 12, 2018-

Want to make your garden more creative? We have many ideas to achieve it by yourself! Now,let’s learning the first one: Watering Can with solar string light Step 1:Gently remove the shower head from the watering can and use a screw driver (or your tool of choice),make the holes bigger on the shower head of the watering can . Step 2:Place the lights inside the watering can and push them up and out of the spout Step 3:One by one,feed the strings of fairy lights through shower head. Then gently place the shower head back on the watering can. Step 4:Hang the watering can on a hook and turn on the lights then enjoy it!!! It’s a very good and cheap way to decorate your garden and you can buy the solar string light on our website:www.landsign-solar.come We will continue to update,so stay tuned!!!