Common Fault Treatment Methods For Solar Street Lamps

- Feb 08, 2018-

Common fault handling methods.

1. There is voltage on the solar panel, but it cannot be charged. The LEDI green light does not check whether the controller's solar panel interface is reliable.

2. Charging indicator LEDI (green light) quick flashing system voltage overpressure, check whether the battery is open, or whether the battery is reliable. Or damage to the charging circuit.

3. The load indicator is LED3 (red light), but the load does not work to check whether the load terminal connection is reliable.

4. The load indicator LED3 (red light) is flashing fast, and the load is not working load short circuit.

5. The load indicator LED3 (red light) is slow flashing, and the load does not have too much power.

6.LED2 shows red, and the load does not work battery voltage protection, please charge.

The whole lamp doesn't shine. Used for outdoor lighting, solar street lamps are often faced with high temperature and rainy, cold rain and snow weather, and solar street lamps controller is usually installed inside a light pole, short-circuit phenomenon easy to cause the water to the controller. First to observe whether there is water rust is the terminal of the controller, if there is most likely the controller is damaged, no battery voltage measurement, such as the 12 V power supply system, solar street lamps battery voltage is lower than 10.8 V battery has no battery, need more change. Check whether there is voltage and current output in the normal working condition of the folded panel. No new panel damage, replace the panel. All above is ok, should check the light source, only connect the light source to power, see whether to light, do not illuminate to change light source.

The lamp flickers. The cause of this failure is the poor contact of the circuit, the battery loss, the storage capacity is seriously reduced, and the battery is replaced when the line is no problem.

9. Short light and short duration. Usually, the storage capacity of the battery is reduced and the storage capacity is caused. Replace the proper storage battery.

10. Solar street lamp light source is not completely bright. A lot of solar street lamps adopt point array LED light source, except for the quality problem of LED light source, some lamp bead virtual welding will cause this kind of situation. The solution is to replace the corresponding lamp bead, weld firmly or replace the entire street lamp head.