Advantages Of Solar Garden Light

- Jan 19, 2019-

solar garden lights

1、LED bulb

Solar garden light’s bulb is LED bulb. LED bulb is more durable than bulb and have high luminous efficiency. LED bulb can be used more than 2 years generally and led bulb with low voltage will be safer.

solar garden light bulb

2、Easy installation

Solar garden light is very easy to install. You only need to build up the light and insert it into soil. No wire ,no electric ,plug and play.

solar garden path light

3、Environmental protection

Solar garden light powered by direct sunlight. Solar energy is renewable energy and will not cause environmental pollution.

solar garden path light 2

4、Saving casts

Solar garden light powered by sunlight so do not need electric,you don’t have to pay for electric cost.

Solar garden light have many advantages and you can use it at anytime without thinking about how to wire.