6 Tips To Make Solar Lights Last Longer

- Jan 15, 2019-

soalr garden path light

Tip1: You need to cleaning the solar panels frequently, if the batteries are unable to continue 8hours of illumination you should replace the batteries and storing solar lights indoors when the light are not in use.


Tip2:In order to make the light bright automatically,you have to place the light without street lighting or house lights.


Tip3: In order to absorb the sunlight directly,you should put the light without plants.


Tip4: In order to allows the solar light to produce the maximum amount of energy you should regular cleaning. Its the beast way to wipe the panel surface a clean cloth every two weeks.


Tip5:If you dont use the light in winter,its best to store the solar lights in areas where they can absorb sunlight or house lighting to keep the battery active.


Tip6:When there are long periods of rain or cloud in the forecast remember to switch the lights to odd position to extend the battery. If there are extreme wind storms you have to store the light inside to protect the light.