Why is the pole of solar street lamps hot-dip galvanized?

- Sep 06, 2019-

Because the lamp pole of the street lamp needs to meet the high-weight solar panel, the high-torque wind power, and even some projects need to place the heavy battery on the lamp pole. If the lamp post has a problem, it may cause the pole to twist. Cracking or breaking or even hurting property and people. The hot-dip galvanizing can effectively ensure that the lamp post is not corroded, and the normal strength of the lamp post is guaranteed for up to 25 years, effectively protecting the various components it carries.

People who have studied chemistry should know the principle of "sacrificial anode". Zinc is a metal element that is more active than iron. When a zinc-iron combination (zinc-iron compound) is eroded to form an electrode, electrons are transferred to iron. Protected iron and sacrificed zinc. At the same time, zinc readily forms a dense oxide layer in the air, protecting the zinc from deeper oxidation. In the air, zinc forms dense oxides to prevent deeper oxidation; in the electrolyte (rain, sea, river, acid and alkali erosion) zinc acts as a sacrificial anode, so in either case, zinc protects iron from Eroded.