What are the main features of solar lawn lights?

- Nov 21, 2019-

1, high efficiency and energy saving: If it is a solar lawn lamp, the foot power crystalline silicon solar cell module is usually used as the power generation system of the lamp, instead of the solar special battery, energy saving, rainy day can be continuously illuminated for 3-5 nights, no other energy supply .

2, long life: the overall life of the lawn lamp design for more than 20 years, the use of high-transmission glass extrusion process, the design life of each accessory is consistent, unique energy-saving design, battery life is 2-3 times longer than conventional technology.

3, high brightness: Now the new solar lawn light can use 140lm / wLED light source, 50% brighter than conventional solar LED lawn light

4, reliable high reliability: lawn lamps have high quality requirements, manufacturers should choose advanced equipment, good materials to ensure quality, and to conduct full inspection of materials, grasp the quality of each production process, finished product inspection, goods out Inspection, in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO quality management system for total quality management.

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5. The lamp body is designed with high-strength structure, waterproof, wind-resistant and high-resistance.

6, easy to install: independent power supply, no need to erect or pre-embed transmission lines, simple construction, low construction costs.

7, automatic control: the solar lawn light is lit and extinguished by solar light sensing control, that is, light control function, and also has energy-saving mode, in the case of less pedestrians at night, automatically reduce the output power of the light source to save energy.

8, high security: solar lawn lamp is a low-voltage product, using DC 4V or 6V input, safe and harmless, effective protection for young children, pedestrians and animals.