What are the factors that determine the service life of a solar garden light?

- Feb 28, 2019-

Whether a solar garden light is durable is determined by the life of each of its own different components. In recent years, the energy on the earth has become increasingly scarce, pollution has also increased, and the load on the earth is immeasurable. Safe and environmentally friendly new energy has become a savior in people's eyes. They are “inexhaustible and inexhaustible”. Especially solar energy is the most prominent in new energy sources and the most widely used. Today, solar power is becoming more and more perfect in the field of lighting. Solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar landscape lights, etc. have gradually formed scale.

Whether solar garden lights are durable is a topic of concern. How long solar garden lights can be used, and has a close relationship with many aspects. The quality of any part of the body will directly affect the length of use of the solar garden lights.

1, garden lamp life and battery quality are closely related

There are many kinds of solar garden light batteries, and various solar batteries have different life spans according to their working principles. The quality of the battery directly affects the length of the life of the garden light.

2, the battery package form should be selected

The solar cell is packaged in order to extend its life and protect the panel without bending and damage. There are currently two packages, lamination and dispensing. The lamination process ensures that the solar cell has a working life of up to 25 years. Although the epoxy is aesthetically pleasing, the battery has a working life of only 1-2 years. Therefore, for solar lawn lamps without high life requirements, epoxy packaging can be used, and for solar lamps with service life, laminated packaging is recommended.

3, the battery capacity should be reasonably selected

Since the input energy of the power generation system of the solar luminaire is unstable, the battery system must be configured to work. Generally, there are lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Their capacity selection directly affects the reliability and cost price of the system. When selecting the battery capacity, it is necessary to meet the nighttime lighting, but also to ensure that the daytime energy is stored to meet the power consumption of continuous rainy days. If the battery capacity is too small, it will cause insufficient lighting at night, and if the battery capacity is too large, the battery will always be in a deficient state, which will affect the service life of the battery.

As can be seen from the above points, solar cells play an important role in the service life of solar garden lights. Therefore, if you want to make solar garden lights last longer, you should try to choose a battery with a better package capacity and a better capacity. In the future use, reasonable use should be made to extend the service life of solar garden lights.