What are the factors that affect the price of solar street lamps?

- Oct 10, 2019-

There are certain differences in the price of lamp holders for purchasing different types of solar street lamps. Some use ordinary energy-saving lamps, and some use LEDs and sodium lamps. If you buy a poor quality lamp, not only the light is dark, but the light decay is more serious. When buying, you can't buy cheaper prices. Be sure to buy street lamps with higher cost performance.

Also pay attention to the choice of solar street light panels, the battery board must choose the products of solar street light manufacturers, because it determines the service life of solar street lights.

In the market, depending on the actual situation, there are certain differences in the height of the solar street light poles, some reaching 12 meters and the low ones having eight meters. The inner and outer diameters determine the wall thickness, and the specific material to be sprayed also determines the price. The selection requires a designer to make a partial, and then choose a few meters of light poles to achieve perfect lighting.