What are the characteristics of solar street lights?

- Aug 21, 2019-

  The first is the heat dissipation part. Although the heat dissipation problem of the solar street lamp is initially solved, the heat dissipation also indicates that the weight of the entire solar street lamp is too high, and the price will also become higher. The overweight lamp head will still hinder the popularity of the LED street lamp.

Secondly, the modularization of solar street lights is a big trend, and the effect is obvious to all, but its reliability still needs to be strengthened.

At present, the technology of solar street lamps has gradually matured. The heat dissipation of solar street lamps has been controlled so far. Even after 5,000 hours of operation, the light decay is still small, and the luminous efficiency can reach more than 70%. However, high-power solar street lamps are difficult to solve due to heat dissipation problems, and the light decay is large, and the luminous efficiency will drop to 30%. If you want to increase the light efficiency by increasing the voltage and current, it is easy to cause the LED chip to be damaged.