What are the advantages of Lansai mosquito killer?

- Mar 09, 2020-

1. Material: metal, stainless steel, surface treatment; mains 220V or solar energy; power: 5-18W. Mosquito killing method: dual light frequency vibration type purple light or LED composite light source; high voltage of power grid: 3KV current <5mA.

2. Create mosquitoes, use the 365nm sensitivity of mosquitoes to special wavelengths, attract mosquitoes by photocatalytic carbon dioxide, and instantly kill mosquitoes by using high voltage power grids on the periphery

3. Safety factor: Solar energy does not require wiring, is safe and reliable, and is absolutely safe for the human body.

4. Mosquito killing area: 333--666 square meters (about 0.5-1 mu, 360-degree large-scale mosquito killing)