To achieve a ten-year maintenance-free lighting of solar street lights, the following three points must be done

- Jan 16, 2019-

1. Highly intelligent controller technology, with good energy-saving technology, can effectively protect the battery, reduce the number of deep charge and discharge of the battery, and greatly extend the service life of the solar street lamp.

2, reasonable configuration and excellent quality, with the support of high-tech controllers, also need to have excellent quality, all kinds of accessories such as solar panels, batteries, light source LED and other key accessories, are selected as excellent suppliers. Excellent quality, high stability and long service life. In addition, a reasonable redundant configuration can also reduce losses, provide a large margin for the device, and greatly extend its service life.

3, effective installation and protection technology, in addition, also need to have reasonable installation and protection technology, such as batteries to do insulation and waterproof treatment, hardware accessories and structural design is also critical.