The main features of LED street lamps are introduced

- Feb 08, 2018-

LED street lamp looks be like simple, actually is very difficult, especially to be really efficient high brightness ED street lamp is more difficult, only in every stage of the design, fully consider how to improve the utilization rate of light, can we truly achieve the energy saving. I believe that with the continuous development of technology, the real energy saving of LED street lamps will be realized.

1. The power efficiency of LED street lamps must be above 85%, which guarantees the energy-saving features of street lamps. Whether the power is efficient or low, it will heat up, and any power source that does not heat the design will not guarantee its service life.

2. The thermal design: LED working temperature does not exceed 70 ℃, must use light failure data 1000 hours or less 3% of the LED as light source, need to have enough heat from the surface area.

3. The shorter the brightness after the lamp is turned on, the better the guide and heat dissipation effect will be, and the light will be brighter. Because the characteristic of the LED determines that its brightness decreases as the temperature rises.

4. Secondary light distribution: the material of the lens and the design of the structure should be used rationally to make the matching light very good.

5. The IP of LED street lamp must reach the grade of 65, because the interior of LED street lamp is all electronic devices and plastic devices, which is the most essential difference between high voltage sodium lamp and high pressure sodium lamp. In the high temperature working condition, if the working environment cannot be guaranteed completely, its service life cannot be guaranteed. In particular, the secondary optical lens is particularly prone to aging and yellowing, which affects the efficiency of light.