The holiday lights are out of order

- Feb 08, 2018-

The holiday lights are out of order. Courtyard holiday lights are mainly used for outdoor lighting in urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, tourist area, park, square and other public places. One is out of order will bring people a lot of inconvenience, so once found festival lamp can not run normally, relevant departments should be responsible for timely find out the main reason and processing. To facilitate the management of the following we analyze and summarize the main reasons.

Poor construction quality: due to the construction quality caused by a large proportion of the fault. Main performance: first, the depth of the cable trench is not enough, and the paving blocks are not constructed according to the standard; Second, the production and installation of the passage tube do not meet the requirements. Third, when laying the cable, drag it on the ground; Four is the foundation embedded pipe does not press the standard requirement construction, mainly is the embedded pipe too fine, plus a certain curve, wearing the cable is quite difficult, at the base bottom appears "dead bending" situation; Five is the line nose compression and insulation wrap thickness is not enough, after a long operation will be short circuit.

Material not clearance: in recent years to deal with the failure of the garden holiday lamp, the material quality is low also has a lot of factors. The main performance is: the wire contains less aluminum, the wire is harder, the insulation layer is thin. This has been common in recent years. The quality of the supporting project is not too good: the yard holiday light cable is usually laid on the pavement. The quality of pavement construction is poor, the ground subsidence, the cable forces deformation, leading to cable armor. Especially in the alpine zone in northeast China, the winter arrival, make the cable and soil to form a whole, the ground once appear, settlement, will be a tear at the bottom of the garden lamp base, and by the summer rain, will burn out in basic root.

The design is not reasonable. One is overload. With the continuous development of city construction, garden festival lamp also extends continuously, the new garden festival lamp often near which courtyard lights, which received circuit, combined with the advertising career developing rapidly in recent years, advertising load were corresponding holiday lights on in the courtyard, the load is too large, cable line nose overheating, heat, insulation, a grounding short circuit, and so on and so forth; Is on the other hand, when light pole design only consider oneself circumstance of light pole, ignore the cable head space, cable head wrapped good later, most are even doesn't close the door, sometimes the cable length is not enough, joint production does not conform to the requirements, the causes of failure.

Garden festival lamp is closely related to life, it is good or bad directly affect the image of the party and the government, must through the education to improve maintenance personnel understanding of garden festival lamp maintenance work, enhance the sense of responsibility. On the other hand, with the rapid development of urban courtyard festival lights, the application of new technologies requires the maintenance personnel to continuously update the professional knowledge and adapt to the work needs. Relevant departments should also implement the maintenance target accountability system to speed up the enforcement of law enforcement to ensure its normal operation.