Solar street light compared to ordinary light

- Sep 25, 2018-

Solar energy can be so popular because it has many unmatched advantages over ordinary lamps.

First of all, he does not need to ditch the buried wire, the amount of work is relatively small, as long as the installation of a cement base, and then fixed with stainless steel screws.

Also, because solar street lights are free of electricity, as long as one investment is available, there is no maintenance cost, and generally two years and three years can recover the investment cost and get the benefits.

Thirdly, solar street lights are more secure than conventional street lights because they are ultra-low voltage products, so they are safer. Moreover, the main components of solar street lamps and solar panels have a very long service life, generally around 25 years, so the revenue is relatively large.

Finally, the most important point is that because solar street lamps are green products, they will not harm the environment and become a new selling point for noble ecological communities.