Solar lamps are also on during the day and do not turn off the lights during the day. Such situations indicate

- Jan 07, 2020-

1. The solar panel did not charge the battery during the day;

2. The positive and negative terminals of the controller connection are reversed;

3. There is a short circuit and the controller cannot detect the current;

4. The controller has quality problems;

5, the line is broken, because the solar light uses low-voltage wires. Each cable is composed of many thin copper wires. When we accidentally reinstall the copper wires in the insulating paint layer, the surface is not visible, but At this time, there can only be voltage but no current, and the light will not turn on within a few days after the lamp is installed (the battery is not charged and the battery is exhausted). In addition, the insulation lacquer of the wire was broken during the installation, and the wire was conducted through the light pole, which caused a short circuit. The short circuit of the battery board was not charged, the short circuit of the battery sparked, and the short circuit of the lamp was not bright.