Solar garden light are not working?

- Jan 23, 2019-

You just bought a solar garden light and install it,after a few days you find it didn’t work,may be you have to check 6 things the following.

First,whether the button is turned on.most of solar garden light has a ON/OFF button,and you have to turn on the button.many people will ignore the button and this is the main reason why the solar garden light don’t work.

 solar garden light 1

Second,there is a pull button on the battery.some solar garden light will come with pull button,if you don’t remove it the battery will not work and the light will not work.

 solar garden light 2

Third,make sure the solar panel is garden light powered by direct sunlight so have to make sure the panel is clean. If there are stains on the panel will influence the lighting time. You should to clean solar panel after a few days.

 solar panel

Fourth,make sure solar garden light powered by direct sunlight. The place where you insert the light must be unobstructed. Normally a solar garden light should get 4-5 hours direct sunlight at least to charge the battery.

 solar path light4

Fifth,Test the Lights with Alkaline (Regular) Batteries. Solar garden light come with rechargeable battery. After their normal life span (typical couple of years) they tend to stop working or start performing poorly. Before you replace the old battery you should test solar light by putting alkaline battery,but dont forget take away the alkaline battery because it is non-rechargeable.

 solar garden light 5

Sixth, test the sensor is work or not.Solar lights dont work during day time, in order to check them during day time you need to simulate darkness. Most solar lights have a little sensor to check darkness. Make sure you check them during the night time and/or simulate the darkness by covering the sensor with your hand, cloth or something, after covering it if the light turn ON, then its fine. If they dont, then solar light battery needs to be changed.

 solar garden light6

Now you know how to examine your solar garden light,just to check them.