Solar energy future development

- Feb 08, 2018-

In terms of specific operation, the research of polycrystalline silicon solar cells should combine the research and the introduction, and establish a production line with annual production capacity of megawatt level as soon as possible. Single crystal silicon solar cell focuses on improving the efficiency of components and reducing production cost. Accelerate the development of new solar cells. Specific standards: the main technical and economic indicators of the production line of the megawatt polysilicon solar cell assembly line: 13% of component efficiency, and 20-25 years of component life; The main technical and economic indicators for the technological transformation of single crystal silicon solar cell component production line: the component efficiency is 14% ~ 15%, and the component life is 20 ~ 25 years.

In order to develop rapidly under the existing technology, the solar cell industry should realize the industrialization of small optical power supply as soon as possible. It focuses on the development of a series, standardization and commercialization of photovoltaic power stations with a capacity of less than 100 kilowatts, and is ready for large-scale application.

In terms of specific criteria: a small power industrialization of photovoltaic power supply power range: kw, the tile industry scale, the total capacity is greater than 1 mw system cost: more than 30% lower than the average price "five-year" solar energy; Independent operation of photovoltaic power station serialization, standardization, commercialization. Power range: 10 kw ~ 100 kw system cost: less than 30% lower than the average price of "85"; Research and demonstration of photovoltaic power generation technology. Megawatt grid photovoltaic power station in the previous study, 10 kw grid photovoltaic demonstration power plant, 100 kw grid photovoltaic power station developed using inverter, photovoltaic power station operation and research related to the power system technology.

Solar photovoltaic power generation is an irreversible trend of energy utilization. China has become the world's second-largest electricity consumer market after the United States, with demand growing at the fastest pace in the world. However, due to the shortage of petroleum energy and the urgency of coal resources, the existing power generation mode is far from meeting the demand of electricity consumption. The promotion of solar power generation is quite urgent and the market potential is huge. For the market, accelerate development, solar cell industry is bound to have a lot of.