Led solar lawn lights currently have problems

- Nov 21, 2018-

In recent years, China's solar energy industry has made significant progress, especially the development of solar lamps, including solar embedded lights, led solar lawn lights, induction lights, house lights and other products, but in the rapid development, it will also Some problems arise.

The current problems with solar lamps.

1, led solar lawn lamp products are uneven, quality problems are outstanding.

At present, although the products of led solar lawn lamps are huge, the quality problems of the products are worrying. Many companies produce better quality products in the first year, but in the future they are not as good as one year. They cut corners, counterfeit products, and even become problematic after exporting products. They have become the reputation of China's manufacturing industry.

2. There are no relevant national standards.

The basic reason for the above problems is that there is not yet a product standard that can guide the production of LED solar lawn lamps and judge their quality. Although many companies have established enterprise standards internally, most manufacturers have misunderstood the understanding of photovoltaic lighting technology. These standards are relatively one-sided and cannot cover all technical requirements. For example, the most critical part of the LED solar lawn lamp, the miniature solar cell module, is usually encapsulated by epoxy resin or PCB board. Currently there is no corresponding standard in the whole photovoltaic industry. Without this standard, other solar energy The standard of lawn lights has lost its technical foundation.