Led lawn light distance setting from the roadside

- May 30, 2019-

1, led lawn lamp, also known as led ball lamp generally uses solar light source, suitable for all kinds of garden landscape garden square, sidewalk and small path decorative lighting, to provide assistance for pedestrian night lighting, while beautifying the rich night scene, lighting time is generally From 18:00 to 6:00, the shorter the lighting, the denser the spacing, the common lighting spacing is 6~8 meters, there is no clear regulation from the roadside, but the general design is between 0.5~2 meters.

2, one-way light lawn lamp, mainly used in relatively wide roads, generally using 35W metal halide light source or 26W energy-saving tube. The distance between commonly used lamps is 8~10 meters, and the general design is between 0.5~2.0 meters.

3, garden lights generally use 70W metal halide light source, suitable for active courtyards and wider sidewalks, residential area lane lighting, the spacing of lamps is usually about 15 meters, generally about 2.0 meters from the roadside, for a relatively small area The courtyard can be arranged without being bound by the roadside distance, and evenly arranged in the center of the courtyard according to the number of lamps.

4, other led landscape lights, generally according to the project style, owner preferences, or non-standard design, the distance to the roadside is generally between 1.0 ~ 2.0 meters.

5, high light pole street lights, generally use 150W metal halide light source, the lamp spacing is usually 15 ~ 20 meters, generally set in the road isolation zone, the distance to the roadside, should be determined in conjunction with the width of the road isolation zone.

In addition, there are some special lamps, such as aluminum cast lamp rod explosion-proof glass lamps, surface-painted landscape style lights, etc., generally no longer leave a distance from the roadside, often directly set in the landscape road Edge, garden road corner, small diameter edge, light dead angle, etc.