Landscape lamp design requirements

- Feb 08, 2018-

Landscape lamp design requirements.

Illumination of the building is to use lamplight illume to shape is according to the structure of the image at night to play the role of beautification, identifying buildings, and landscape lamp is to highlight the environment, culture and landscape of coordination, so the design of the landscape lamp requirements for:

1. Prominent theme, distinctive features and emphasis on building image;

2. The overall effect of lighting liquid crystals should be highlighted, and the overall effect of lighting liquid crystals should be ensured.

3. Technical and artistic combination of lighting;

4. Abide by corresponding planning and specification requirements;

5. Careful use of colored light;

6. Choose reasonable lighting mode (panting light, contour lighting, inner light illumination, dynamic lighting);

7.Avoid glare or light interference to buildings and observers;

8 The control system should be designed flexibly;

9.The lighting facilities should be safe and reliable for easy maintenance.